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Newsletter #1 –
Subject #1 – A brief history of interest rates | It’s Santa’s business | Why condos make sense  

Newsletter #2 –
Subject #2 – Buy first then sell? Sell first then buy? My advice 


Newsletter #1 –
Subject #1 – A brief history of interest rates 

Newsletter #2 –
Subject #2 – What is a Discount Broker?   

Newsletter #3 –
Subject #3 – What homebuyers regret   

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December Quiz Question and Answer


You have 3 boxes of ornaments. Each box contains either big, small, or big and small ornaments mixed. The boxes are labelled BIG, SMALL, and MIXED but each box is labelled incorrectly. What is the least number of boxes you can open to know which ornaments are in which box?


You only need to open one box, any box. For example, open the box labeled BIG. Remember, it’s mislabeled, so suppose it contains the small ornaments. Now you have two remaining boxes, labeled SMALL and MIXED. Since they’re also mislabeled, one must contain the big ornaments and one the mixed ornaments. Since all the boxes are mislabeled, the MIXED box must contain the big ornaments and the SMALL box must contain the mixed ornaments.