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MICROSOFT WORD DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS Choose one of the printed versions of the newsletter below, which will open in Word on your own computer. Follow the prompts to generate your newsletter. Save and print from Word on your computer.

Friends & Farm EMAIL Newsletters

Copy and paste the links into the URL bar of your open Mailchimp account.

Email #1 https://us6.admin.mailchimp.com/templates/share?id=160361902_4b6ac613ddfabd5b6f0c_us6

Email #2 https://us6.admin.mailchimp.com/templates/share?id=160361902_64f01a01c03aa156bca0_us6

Friends & Farm HTML versions

Leads & Network EMAIL Newsletters

Email #1 https://us10.admin.mailchimp.com/templates/share?id=174458981_2c4bb456c844484bf26b_us10

Email #2 https://us10.admin.mailchimp.com/templates/share?id=174458981_43585a3dfbe9ad97e48b_us10

Email #3 https://us10.admin.mailchimp.com/templates/share?id=174458981_3b694d30d35c48a0f8e0_us10

Leads & Network HTML versions